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jonny benton

Jonny Benton, US ARMY

Public Speaker and Father in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jonathan was medically retired as a United States Army Staff Sergeant in October 2013 after 11.5 years of active duty service.

During his military career he served with the 3rd US Infantry (The Old Guard) in both C Co and A Co out of Ft. Myer, Virginia, with C Co, 2/503 ABN,173rd ABCT out of Vicenza, Italy. He was also an instructor with the 7th Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy in Grafenwoehr, Germany.

Jonathan spent his time in the military as an Airborne Infantry Squad Leader and was trained as an Instructor and Small Group Leader for the Warrior Leaders Course. In July 2008, his platoon was involved in the Battle of Wanat. This was the deadliest battle of the Afghan war and although the odds were against his team, he survived. This battle marked the beginning of his journey. He has been recognized for his skills, knowledge, and valor with medals, including: the Bronze Star, the Army Commendation Medal with Valor, and many more.

In September 2013, Jonathan found himself at a Veteran's PTSD Program for Men. After years of failures, preparation and learning, he saw his true purpose: to guide and mentor men and women in leadership and to prepare them for the workspace of today. As he moves forward, he plans to use his experience with PTSD, combat trauma and the military as a platform to help others through public speaking, community outreach, and involvement within the Veteran's community.

Jonathan, his wife Elizabeth and their three beautiful Daughters are proud to continue to serve their Nation’s Warriors and their Families. Their journey through the military and deployment has taken their family through both painfully difficult as well as fearful times. Their triumph and victory is what they hope to share with those who are currently struggling.

Daniel Jordan

Daniel Jordan, USMC

Public Speaker and Financial Advisor in Huntington Beach, California

Daniel faithfully served in the United States Marine Corps from 1993-1998. Stationed in Yuma, AZ he deployed to mainland Japan 1995-1996 and served aboard the U.S.S. Peleliu in the Persian Gulf during Operation Silent Assurance in 1997-1998.

Upon being Honorably Discharged he began his career civilian career at Nextel Communications in the engineering department supporting cell sites in the Mobile Switching Office (M.S.O.); which would be our N.O.C. After time there he moved into B to B sales and sales management. Daniel was one of the founding board members for VAREP’s Orange County Chapter (Veterans Association of Real Estate Professionals). He currently volunteers with RockHarbor’s foster teens, Hands of Mercy building homes for the impoverished in Ensenada, and THINK together supporting education for at-risk youth. He’s a licensed financial advisor formerly with JP Morgan.

Daniel's in a relationship and in 2019 will become a husband and father. He currently resides in Huntington Beach and will be moving to Aliso Viejo early next year. Hobbies include exercise and almost any outdoor activity including but not limited to: snowboarding, pearling, biking, hiking, wine tasting, hunting, fishing, camping, sailing...

Brent Theobald, USMC

Public Speaker and Senior Director of Development at Vanguard University

Brent served with the United States Marine Corps for three combat deployments to Afghanistan, Iraq and the Horn of Africa. As a member of the elite Marine Force Reconnaissance Company, Brent was among the first American boots on the ground in Afghanistan after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

He served in a Special Operations Capable (SOC) Team in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and trained counter-terrorism units in the Horn of Africa as member of a five-man detachment that was in direct support of Special Operations Command, Central Command. Brent is proud to say that he is a product of the Community College System. He is a strong advocate for veterans in higher education and his efforts directly led to the opening of a Veteran Resource Center at Golden West College and Vanguard University.

Brent currently works as the Senior Director of Development at Vanguard University where he continues to help advance veteran’s initiatives in Orange County. He holds an Associate’s degree from Golden West College, a Bachelors degree in Business from Vanguard University and an MBA from the University of California, Irvine. Brent is married to Caitlin Theobald and they are the proud parents of two little girls.

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